Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Going back together...

I'm slowly getting the engine back together! Just before christmas I recieved an alloy water pump housing from Canley Classics. I was a little bit suprised to see it as I ordered it ages ago and it had been on back order for about a year! Initially I was annoyed that Canleys had just sent it (and billed me) without asking me if I still wanted it, but when I checked my email I found they'd emailed me about a week before and I'd totally missed it so I can't really complain!

As luck would have it I was just about to repaint the waterpump, housing, engine front plate and pulley with POR15. I was tempted to leave the new housing in bare alloy but in the end I thought it'd look better painted. Two coats of POR15 with a top coat of Blackcote and it looks the business! It gives a really deep gloss black. Just compare it to the 'normal' engine enamel on the black in the pics! I'm going to be using a lot more of this stuff in the future! The only thing that is annoying is that it sometimes leaves annoying brushstrokes so you're better off using foam brushes. Look on eBay if you need some - they're £5 for 20!

I had a great idea with the timing cover bolts and screws - I numbered them. This will come in handy the next time I need to take them off!

This is my 'refinished' thermostat cover. Normally there is a number cast into the top. I thought this spoilt the smooth lines so I sanded it off and polished it up. Looks much better!

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