Thursday, December 08, 2005


Of course now I'd got the AVO's I needed some springs to go with them. I gave Jigsaw Racing ( a call and Mark Field recommended 380lb springs which are significantly stiffer than the 330lb Triumphtune springs I had originally planned to use. The Triumphtune springs are too fat for the seats on the AVO's so they were promptly Ebayed having been repowdercoated beautifully by Lap-Tab (I threw them in with a whole bunch of other stuff). I tried to get the original springs off the knackered dampers so I could flog them too but without proper spring compressors I only managed to get one off before the fear of being hit in the face by a spring became too much!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More new parts!

Feeling better after looking at some shiny parts I carried on working with a bit more vigour! The shock absorbers I removed were in one hell of a state so I looked into the replacement options. Standard shocks are available and very cheap but I didn't like what I was reading about them on the internet (that they were cheap and crap) so they weren't an option and AVO dampers were too expensive so that left me to choose between Gaz and Spax.

A couple of days later I had won a pair of Spax on Ebay and picked them up locally. They didn't seem to be too bad but I wanted them to be overhauled so I phoned up Spax who couldn't have cared less. Ten minutes later they were back on Ebay making me a profit and another chunk of my student loan was gone on a pair of adjustable platform AVO's from MotorSportWorld (