Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New parts!

Of course, having spent months painting the chassis, I thought it would look wierd if I didn't lavish some attention on the wishbones and suspension mounts too! I thought about painting them but it chips off too easily and Hammerite is just thick, nasty and gloopy so I started looking into powdercoating. Finding a decent powdercoater proved pretty difficult. One company needed everything posted to Leeds, another only did powdercoating in industrial size quantities and another wouldn't sandblast the parts first.

I was beginning to give up on the idea when I discovered Lap Tab ( who were just down the road, friendly and would sandblast everything first. They were pretty quick and weren't even that expensive (under £50 for the box load of parts I had coated). All the parts came back looking amazing and were fitted with polybushes ordered from Canley Classics and James Paddock the next day. Things were really coming on!