Friday, July 11, 2003

More clutch problems!

So having rebuilt the clutch slave cylinder I thought my clutch worries were over but, of course, there was lots more to fix! The change into third was still dodgy and it seemed to be far too easy to grate the gears. I figured the slop in the gearleaver might be causing the dodgy change so I ordered the 'Gearbox rebushing kit' from Canley Classics. Unfortunatly when it arrived I discovered it was for the earlier 3 rail gearbox! It was promptly auctioned off on Ebay where I made a significant profit on it! Later on in the week I realised the problem was with the pivot pin that fits on one side of the release arm assembly. Apparently this is a common problem and it is highlighted in the Canley Classics catalogue. With that drifted into place and the E ring attached it was sorted and the car was finally decent to drive!