Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Braking News!

As I mentioned earlier the previous owner had managed to break off one of the bleed nipples in the left hand front caliper. The pistons were in poor shape on both calipers and I had to use a footpump to get them out. As I was planning to take it on a few trackdays I thought it wasn't worth taking a risk on them and so I ordered reconditioned calipers from Canleys. They arrived with a yellow plated coating for corrosion protection but I oversprayed that with some silver brake caliper paint to protect them further.

I was feeling particularly rich and also ordered a set of drilled and grooved brake discs, EBC 'Greenstuff' pads and Goodridge braided hoses. I'm sure there are people who buy these upgrades because they look good, but I'm not one of them! If I don't notice and improvement in performance they'll be straight on ebay!