Sunday, February 05, 2006

Exhaust Wrap

Having invested in a stainless tubular manifold and K&N filters I didn't want the filters to suck in all the hot air produced by the manifold. So I decided to get some exhaust wrap. Having seen the prices on Demon Tweeks and Agriemach I got on Ebay sharpish and bought some, which arrived a few days later. This was a job I thought was going to be really easy, but actually it was pretty tricky! Firstly the glassfibre strands got everywhere amd made by arms and hands itch for days, secondly the stuff dosent wrap very easily and took hours to get looking neat and thirdly the snap straps were an absolute bitch to put on (bear in mind I was on my own and I only had one hand spare!). Looks pretty good though!

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Have you got a heat shield? My Spit's got one ;)