Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More Exhausting Work

Well I sorted out what I'm going to do with the rest of my exhaust! I decided that I really wanted the large bore single box system from Canleys because I think the twin box systems are too common, mostly sound too boomy and add a bit of weight without really adding much performance. Unfortunatly the Canleys system was £146 and the twin box system offered by James Paddock was a good £50 cheaper. I called Paddocks up to buy one only to find that with VAT, delivery and fitting kit it was about the same price.

30 minutes later I was at Canley Classics buying the single box system. It looks absolutely awesome but took a fair bit of effort to fit. I had to drill a new hole in the boot floor to attach the bracket that the silencer hangs from and I used U clamps and exhaust sealer to join the pipes together. Once it was hanging from the car I noticed it wasn't very well supported. The manifold to head bolts and the single bracket was all there was! So I popped down to Halfords to get an exhaust mounting clamp and used it round the pipe adjacent to the diff. It needed to be sawn down to size but after that it fitted perfectly and the whole system seemed to be pretty solidly mounted. Job done!

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