Monday, November 14, 2011

NEC Classic Motor Show 2011

On Saturday I made my annual pillgrimage to the NEC for the Classic Car Show. I got there early on the saturday to try and take in as much as possible before it got too busy! I was glad I did! When I left the Top Gear Live show was in full swing and the whole NEC seemed to be absolutely rammed! I'm definately going to take a day off work and go on the Friday next year.

The lights in the exhibition halls do very strange things to cameras so it's not easy to get good shots, especially with my little point and shoot Pentax, but I think I came away with some quite good pictures this year. Enjoy!

Renault Spider - I remember reading about these in Car and Car Conversions when they first came out!

This was sporting a modern Zetec powerplant!

This was a nice TR8!

One of my all time favourites - Mercedes 450SEL 6.9!


Stephen 'Nuts and Bolts' Shone said...

My colleague went to the Top Gear live show at the NEC last weekend, and also visited the classic show. He also said how absolutely rammed it was! I would've gone if I'd known about it. Some beautiful classics there, great pictures!

Tyra Shortino said...

What "strange things" are you talking 'bout here, William? I think your camera captured some pretty good shots, even though there were problems with the lights. Which of these cars is your favorite? I bet you loved all of them… 'cause I did, even if I just saw them here in your post. :D