Saturday, July 17, 2010

Progress Update!

Things have really started coming together over the last few weeks. I've got the back of the engine sorted and the gearbox back in. I chucked in a lightened flywheel I bought of Martin Holmes on the Sideways forum, ARP bolts and a new clutch from Canleys. Everything went quite smoothly apart from a few minor niggles. The first problem was that the holes in the clutch cover for the flywheel dowels were ever so slightly too small and needed drilling out by half a mm. The second problem I had was that the hole in the alloy bellhousing for the engine dowel was clogged up with POR15 and also needed drilling out.

I also took the time to replace the clumsy old exhaust clamps with Mikalor band clamps.
I decided to make a better effort at sealing the gear tunnel and renewed all the fixings, replaced the sealing foam and also made an aluminium cover for the slave cylinder inspection panel.
I shampooed and rinsed the carpets. They're in dreadful condition really and they seem to have been made by someone that has never even seen a Spitfire before but they'll do for now!

I also repainted the gear pattern on the gearknob before I refitted it. It looks good! I'm just waiting on the leather seat covers now!

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