Friday, December 03, 2004

Ebay Bargains!

While the car was undrivable I sensibly decided to make more work for myself by rebuilding the twin SU Carbs. I was a bit nervous about taking it all apart but soon made myself quite unpopular in my house at Uni by making it smell of petrol and carb cleaner. I did it one carb at a time and used plenty of diagrams to avoid making mistakes. I bought all the gaskets I needed and some solid throttle discs (with no over-run valve) from Canleys as its important to use genuine SU parts and I didn't want any problems later. The throttle shafts were okay but are on my list of things to replace in the near future.

After removing the inlet manifold I discovered the water pipes were knackered and so I bought a replacement from the TSSC ( with stainless pipes. A few bits of 13mm silicon hose, some braided fuel hose ( and some K&N's of Ebay and the job was done. The K&N filters were bargain of the decade because the owner didn't know what they would fit! I got them for just £12!

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